Foreign Principals’ Welcome 校长欢迎词

It is my pleasure towelcome you on behalf of Zibo Experimental High School InternationalDepartment, to our website and to our school.


I am proud to introduce our school to you and hope that theinformation on our website will give you an insight into the special qualitiesof our school and the outstanding all-round education we offer.


We have a long and distinguished history of providing excellenteducation for our students. We are very proud of the broad curriculum we offer,our excellent academic results, our first-class facilities and the exceptionalarray of extra-curricular activities we provide.


At ZEHIS we seek to promote a sino-foreign holistic education thatempowers the students to become internationally-minded, life-long learners andglobal citizens who can thrive in and contribute to a global society. Throughour international curriculums and pastoralprogramme, we promote a caring, supportive environment in which each studentcan feel secure and valued. We aim to help our students develop personal andlife skills which are essential as they prepare to take their places in achallenging, modern society.


Our dedicated staffand teachers have a genuine interest in the development, progress andwellbeing of each student. They work consistently and collaboratively tosupport each learner in the achievementof their potential. We do this by ensuring that the international curriculumis engaging, relevant, challenging and significant for all our students. Ouraim is to best to provide the best support necessary for students to achievetheir potential, and to flourish physically, intellectually, emotionally andethically. We are very proud of our students and their achievements.


Our success is evident by the student’stertiary placements in some of the top Chinese and International Universitiesaround the world. Our Career Guidance team supports our students’ applicationsand access to their chosen Universities and preferred courses for study. Thisdedicated attention we hope will lead our students towards future employment,success and happiness.


This is Zibo Experimental High School International Department.Welcome!


Chief Principal 总校长:Mr. ZHAO Panli 赵泮利

ForeignPrincipal 外方校长:Mr. Anthony Millward